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Crazy 8
Crazy 8.jpg
Style: Technolgy
Series: Crazy

The adidas Crazy 8 made its first debut as a bring back in 2005. Many will remember this as Kobe Bryant's first shoe, but since he left Adidas in 2002, the shoe had to change it's name from the KB-8 to the adidas Crazy 8. Something that also changed with the Crazy 8s from the original KB-8s was the absence of the Feet You Wear technology. A legal dispute held that technology back, but the shape of the Crazy 8s remained the same. Suer Dope. In 2005 the original Crazy 8s were well received by many. Not only was the shoe a major hit back in 1997, but the shoe still sported the affordable $100 price tag. Following the success of the original colorway, the Adidas Crazy 8 was released in, what some would say, too many other colorways that saw dismal sell throughs and clearance prices. adidas kept the Crazy 8in the vault for several years before bringing the original colorway back in 2011. The shoes were once again a hit in their original colors as well as several other colorways. Adidas' new youngman-frontman Derrick Rose wore a pair in a highly anticipated and nationally televised game against the Miami Heat. In addition to the adidas Crazy 8s getting shine on the NBA court, many of Adidas' top NCAA programs including Kansas, Louisville, Notre Dame, Baylor, Texas A&M, and UCLA.